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Your website is automatically crawled by Translite, and the texts are translated into your preferred language through either Bing or Google Translators according to your choice. For more improvisation of the quality of the localized content, the content can be further updated. Our experience and industry-leading translation technology translate your website quickly with excellent technical accuracy and linguistic quality, and the website will also be updated according to the changes and updates of your source website. Our tool delivers topnotch and end-to-end website localization solutions that your website can rely on for several years. No wonder, several international companies around the globe trust our services.

Speed and Simplicity

Speed, scalability, and simplicity are the hallmarks of Translite’s website translation process. Peradventure lots of money, time and other important resources have been expended on creating your website like several other companies. Resultantly, you will do anything to avoid complex, time-taken and costly website translation of your contents into Chinese, Spanish, French or other languages spoken in places where your business wants to reach. We are happy to announce to you that it is not necessary for you to experience such rigor. Translite is here to help you translate your website with so much simplicity, scalability, and speed. Our groundbreaking webpage translation services are being utilized by several businesses to connect to several customers around the world quickly with ease.

We Value Your Time

We have a great understanding of how important time is. As you are browsing any website, you require quick website localization that involves just one word or sentence. The last thing you want is to endure the process of updating the content by logging into the backend portal. As a website owner, you can utilize our inline editor to update the content. With Translite, content localization has become simpler than ever before.

Dynamic Content

Your complexities are well understood by us at Translite; therefore, we ensure that your dynamic content is seamlessly integrated. Based on the design of the modern website, there are needs for translation of several small, increasing updates into various languages from time to time at a quick rate. Call our API to pass your original strings and the translated strings will be returned to you immediately. Both Plain Text and HTML can be handled efficiently and effectually by our professionals. Furthermore, if you need more complex website localization, our SDK can be downloaded and integrated into your web page.

Cloud Ready

Microsoft Azure Cloud is used for hosting Translite website internationalization solution. Consequently, our customers should never be bothered about implementing physical servers in various regions globally to provide local contents to customers and guarantee optimal performance in different places. Your geo-location will be automatically scaled up by Translite so that your website content is provided quickly to your local clients anywhere, anytime.

Reach Global Audiences With Website Translation Services

Money, time and other essential resources have been invested in creating different types of digital contents for your existing and potential clients. Take advantage of this unsurpassed website translation service to improve your ROI worldwide.

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