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With our website translation services at Translite, a lasting solution to your challenges on website coding is here. Our website localization has proven to provide effective, reliable and fast solutions to various businesses.
register Register/ Sign-Up To enjoy the best language translation services, sign up with Translite today.
translate Translate/ Localize After registering with Translite, there will be automatic website localization into the language of your choice through our powerful tool. If you would like to experience a guided tour, you can equally sign up for a professional plan and enjoy more benefits of our tool.
publish publish By using our Translite tool, translate your website into several languages with a single click. This website internationalization can be instrumental in promoting your business and increasing your visits and engagements.

our solutions

At Translite, the three solutions that we offer you are Live, API and SDK. To experience exceptional professional translation service, select the most suitable solution for your business. Our seasoned experts are available to offer you professional guidance that can help your business.
live LIVE Just sign-up with Translite, select the language of your choice and web page translation will be done automatically. With a click, experience top-notch website localization.
api API If you would like to pass your original strings, all you have to do is to call our API. Our service will immediately respond with the translated strings. Notably, we can translate page in HTML and Plain Text seamlessly and effectually.
sdk SDK Localize website by downloading our SDK and integrating it into your website. Pass the strings to our service and the translated strings will be returned to you immediately.

why translite?

Extraordinary Website Translation Service

Getting high-quality website translation and expanding of your business visibility have become easier as you can quickly and easily get them done with a few clicks. Whenever extra pages are added to your website, automatic webpage translation can be put in place with so much ease. For exceptional localized content, you can equally get the services of one of the experienced translators available at The Gengo Network. Make your business stand out from its competitors today by using our professional website translation services.

Designed To Improve Your Revenues

By using Translite, you lower your running costs but get more ROI. Take advantage of our cutting-edge software to translate your website and get in touch with more users globally. For each web translation, a different website is created on your site which stays on the sub-domain of your site URL. The translation of the metadata and CSS of your website makes it become SEO and user-friendly.

Integrated Into Your Website Effortlessly

Translite has been created to work seamlessly with all sorts of web pages; hence, it provides a fully customizable widget that you can install by using a single line of coding on any device such as your tablet or smartphone. Translite allows you to control the localized website in your native language by providing an intuitive visual editor, content filters as well as in-house teams of versatile translators. Also, we provide comprehensive metrics that can help you track how your localized campaigns are performing.

Handling Your Localized Content With Ease

Reviewing and editing the translated text can be easily done with the aid of the simple user interface of Translite. More than 60 languages are supported by our unparalleled language translation services.

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